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Daur e Hazir mein nayi nasal ke aise afrad jo urdu bolte aur samajhte hain lekin urdu padhne se qaasir hain,unke liye qeemti tohfa kaayi saalo justuju aur mehnat ke baad nihayat zimmedari aur mukammil tawajeh inhemaak se urdu urdu tarjuma Qur’an ko roman script mein tarteeb diya gaya hai.


11 reviews for The Holy Quran Urdu in Roman Script

  1. Sobia Aimen.

    What is the difference in this rs 450 and rs 350 Quraan in roman script?

    • shopmanager

      Dear Customer
      The Holy Quran Of Rs.450/- is just have bigger font and space between paragraph for easy to read. It is the same as the older one I.e Rs350/-
      but just we have make some font changes and paragraph spacing. There are 100 pages difference in them.

  2. Asim Khan (verified owner)

    I am order today .how many days to ship to my location

  3. Fathima

    If I we order this how will you send this to us. If through courier will it be handled with care as it is Holy Quran

  4. jamshed

    I have been reading for last 4 years now and it has been quite an experience and understanding as I could not read Urdu but understand Urdu. a true gift, now nobody can say that they cant read Quran. I have gifted this Quran to many of my friends and family.

  5. Anam Qureshi (verified owner)

    I love this Quran very much. The translation is too good and fonts spacing etc is perfect. I am ordering it again for my friends and family.

    • shopmanager

      Thank You Jazak Allah Khair

  6. Usmani

    I need a e-book of this quran or a pdf, which is easy to read.
    Can you arrange it.

  7. Firdous

    Very sorry to say. But few pages are misprinted in this edition i.e from surah ale-imran and the surah after that…also in between surah nisa ..pages from surah bakhrah are printed.. so please check after that.

    • shopmanager

      Dear Customer, we regret the inconvenience caused to you please share the pics on our WhatsApp Numbergiven Below.
      +91-9246271637. Thanks

  8. Sajeed

    I’m reading this Qur’an and I found 3 or 4 mistakes in roman English.. Till Surat Yuunus I found the mistakes and once I complete the whole Qur’an I mail u where the mistakes I seen.. Please make it correct…

  9. Amin Mewati (verified owner)

    Translation is very good font size, paper quality is all perfect. May allah bless you

  10. Shahereyar

    Assalamualaikum what is the size difference in rs 350 and 450 rs quran?

    • shopmanager

      Walaikum Assalam

      Dear sir, there is no size difference between these two Quran both are the same size.

  11. Md Hussain

    Please add few more pictures of the Qur’an so that it would be very easy to select

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